600ml Coffee Dripper With Filter

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Brewing speciality coffee is popular amongst baristas but many coffee-enthusiasts enjoy brewing lovely sediment-free coffee with a coffee dripper as well. It is a straight-forward process but just like everything else in life - practise makes perfect.


If you're using scales to weigh your coffee as it drips, you want to target around 220ml (220g or so). If not, stop pouring water it when the water left in the dripper will fill your cup! Pour the cold water into your cup first to check it's not too much.

  1. You'll need about 220ml water, so put at least 300ml of water on to boil so you don't run out
  2. Weight out between 16g and 18g of coffee - don't worry about too exact for your first few times. Use 1 coffee scoop's worth if you don't have scales.
  3. If you're using whole beans, grind them to a medium-coarse consistency. This can be frustrating as eventually you just get a feel for what's right. If you're starting out aim for a consistency like granulated sugar. If it looks like table salt it's a bit too fine
  4. Put your filter paper inside the dripper - most people also fold the seam over on itself
  5. Wet the inside of the filter with hot water (and then make sure all the water is out)
  6. Once boiled, let your water cool for a few minutes - just boiled water is a little too hot for optimum coffee
  7. Pour your ground coffee in to the filter + dripper, then pour a little water over to start the process
  8. After a moment, continue to slowly pour the water over the grounds in the dripper. Try to pour in to the middle and then draw an outward sprial with the water to get all the coffee extracting. Avoid pouring too much straight on to the filter paper directly.
  9. If you're using scales, stop pouring water just before the scale reads 220g (assuming your cup, dripper and coffee are directly on the scales!)



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